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What to Look in Hiking Sandals for Women | Yellow Box Sandals

What to Look in Hiking Sandals for Women

A hiking sandal or popularly known as sports, active or even athletic sandal is a shoe worn for hiking as well as a traditional sandal combined together. Recently, more styles in footwear of this kind are becoming increasingly popular and now there are numerous options in designs available. Hiking at extreme elevation range demand certain necessary gears for terrain hikers. One of the most important is hiking sandals for women. This kind of hiking gear is advisable to be used in walking on rough landscapes especially because these are already proven and tested.

Women hiking sandals are quite feminine and are great for extensive walking as well as hiking activities. When looking for hiking sandals, ensure to choose the models that are convenient and comfortable to use. The right pair of sandals of this variety can abate the discomfort caused by wearing improper footwear for walking. Women backpackers get tired when involved in hiking expeditions as long terrain walks can easily take a toll on the body. Wearing ladies hiking sandals prevents feeling excessively tired in feet and leg muscles.

Hiking Sandals for Trails

Foot wears specifically hiking sandals are worn extensively for long walks especially on mountainous regions need to comprise of certain necessary attributes. These are required to be durable and offer intense foot protection and provide free air passage to prevent foot from sweating. In fact, most vital aspect of hiking sandals for women is the benefit of good air circulation. Such facilities can be acquired when hiking sandals are made from breathable material and rubber soles thick enough to prevent slips.

2 Kinds of Hiking Footwear

Many people wear sandals when it comes to short hiking. Footwear of this kind is designed for hiking specially. This plays a pivotal role in alleviating pressure points and preventing blisters as well which are common problems that may occur during hiking. There are two kinds of hiking footwear that are considered as the best hiking sandals for women:

  • Open Toe Sandals – Such footwear offers more free space for the foot to move freely. These can be worn with thick socks the most suitable ones have midsoles manufactured from EVA, which is regarded as the best material for running shoes. This type of footwear is light and flexible with provision of great cushioning. It absorbs shocks while protecting the foot and ankle from injury. These hiking sandals for women are good for walking on light terrains that are not too challenging to trek.
  • Close Toe Sandals – The footwear are made from mesh and leather for optimum free air passage. These are great for day hikes as well as long strolls since they offer extensive protection than open sandals.

Top Brands in Hiking Sandals

  • For intense ventilation, use the Keen Newport sandal that protects the toes and allow it to breathe easily. Keen’s footwear line showcases adjustable straps and protective rubber toe soles for a secure fit. Contour foot beds are manufactured from microbe blocking technology that prevents odor. Keen hiking sandals are made for both land and water hiking.
  • Merrell Siren Ginger is a brand of hiking sandals that cater to the more fashion-savvy footwear users.
  • Yellow Box Sandals. These feature two lateral straps that enhance comfort and a secure fit. The mesh and sticky rubber sole sandals are quite efficient for hiking in wet places.

Whenever you purchase hiking sandals for women, check the sizing recommendations and look through the descriptions. Try fitting several hiking sandals before buying one and make sure you use these sandals for a walk at the park before wearing them on a hike or backpacking trips.