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Fashion Tips on Wearing Grecian Sandals | Yellow Box Sandals

Fashion Tips on Wearing Grecian Sandals

Evidences centuries old depict that the Greeks loved to take care of their feet using footwear of different kinds for various activities. In fact, the story of Grecian sandals began when women in the country started wearing footwear of this kind to signify their social class. The footwear that they wore was a symbol of elegance, beauty, extravagance and refinement. In Mesopotamia, leather wrappings were tied to the feet using strips of the same material. It was also a popular trend among women to wear elevated sandals to attract men and flaunt their charms. Today, celebrities and common people have worn the Grecian style sandals to create their own fashion statements.

Elegance and Style

The greatest aspect about this Grecian footwear is its distinctness and flexibility. These usually come in flats, platforms, high heels and boots in various lengths made from various materials. Such unique designs are available in a wide selection of colors and designs. When choosing from the different Grecian sandals, check out how they look on your body. If you’re tall and thin just like most of the celebrities that wear such fashion sandals, then you’ll be able to pull off simply any kind of look you want. Those who are short or have thicker legs, choose such sandals that preferably go with your body type.

The two key factors to consider when making an appropriate selection of these sandals are the length and thickness of the straps. Also, straps that are thinner are considered as more feminine and flattering, especially with larger legs. There are several incredible Grecian style sandals from some of the best brands in the world that can make you look just perfect.

With Greece in discussion, their styles and designs cannot be far left behind without the mention of their heritage and tradition. Greecian dance forms are famous all over the world. With Bloch Grecian sandal as footwear for accompaniment, it makes the fit proper enough to dance away with ease.

Popular Designers of Grecian Sandals

Designs from popular footwear style houses like Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture and Type Z have gained enough recognition in the present times. Also, ankle high Grecian footwear that are either simple or strappy come from renowned brands like Report, Sam Edelmen and Nine West that are stated to produce some amazing designs in the industry.

Clothing and Grecian Sandals

When it comes to dressing with Grecian sandals to adorn, there are various ways you can team the attire with the footwear. If you’re trying for a Grecian or Roman inspired look, go for a gown type dress that flatters these sandals perfectly. Celebrities are seen sporting such a look with Roman gowns and Grecian footwear to accompany with for special events. This kind of a style is quite elegant and mesmerizing to turn heads at any grand occasion. Team these dresses with silver Grecian sandals that are fabulous as well.

For a casual look, chunky or even cute sandals go well with regular wear. Clothing that can be worn in summer look absolutely fantastic with yellow box sandals that uplift the comfort quotient a great deal. You can simply wear the footwear with short spring dresses or even with jeans. Denims when paired with Grecian footwear like platforms look good too.

Choosing your Style

Simple style sandals with just few horizontal straps tend to offer more flexibility in clothing. Embellishments in solid colors with brighter prints, complement your outfit well rather than accentuating the legs and feet. Again, wearing Grecian sandals ensures that you can experiment with your look, so start making your own fashion statements.

Sandals that are more Grecian type are bold and unusual pieces of footwear. You will want to make sure that you choose sandals that complement your body type. With hottest fashion houses showcasing trendy Grecian inspired sandals, get these to look your best this season.